About Me

Hello!  My name is Brenda Olson - Thank you so much for visiting the my website!  I live and work in Hudson, WI with my beautiful family (Paul and my kids Owen & Katie). I named my art business "Hjarta" (heart in swedish) after trying to put my finger on what it is that I love of about doing art. In my research, I read that the definition of 'hjarta' is "the seat of emotion". When I am in my best place creating art, I am connecting directly to my emotion and I feel it in my chest (my heart) not in my head (my brain).  Your heart will tell you what is honest and true. Art is one of the few ways to convey that type of emotion. Why Swedish? The only Grandma that I ever got to know was Grandma Lily who moved to America from Sweden as a young child. She had a sign that said "valkommen" on her front door (welcome). :) I remember her as full of love. I married an Olson, so my kids have a little extra swede in them. My daughter, Katie, noticed that the word 'art' was part of the word hjarta. Seemed like it was meant to be. There are supposed to be 2 dots (umlaut) over the a in valkommen and hjarta, but my technology skills are not advanced enough yet to do add those to my typing. :) Thanks for visiting my website. 

My Family: 

Owen is 14 years old and going into high school this year. Katie is 12 and going to be in the middle of middle school this year (7th grade).

Paul and Katie. :)

Katie on guitar.


Katie and Sadie

Owen and Sadie

Hammock Katie

Bailey and Dakota

Owen and my mom (Grandma Dell)