July 2014

Day 10: "Giraffe & Girl"

Day 9: "Camp"

Day 5: "Front Porch"

Day 3: "Bouquet in Orange"

OK, busy day.  Not inspired...I snuck in another flower painting.  My son Owen called me out, "mom, you are doing the same painting that you did yesterday".  Yep.  Call it a color study.  No flowers tomorrow.

Day #2: "Bouquet in Blue"

I wanted to paint a friend for my yellow bouquet.  I got these two frames with canvas at the thrift store with a different image.  I gessoed the surface to prepare for paint.  Then I painted with guoache. I like to paint on old canvases that are already framed...saves me some work!  Day #2 done...wheew. 

Day #1 "Cherry Ice Cream"

Day 1 got off to a rough start.  Initially tried to paint this in acrylic...that one went in the trash.  Started over with my trusty pencil.  I said I would do a "painting" a day, so, I added the pinck color in the ice cream and the cheeks.  Katie's favorite ice cream this year at camp was cherry.

A Painting a day for 30 days.

So, I decided to make the most of the summer and challenge myself to a painting a day for 30 days.  The MATs illustration class is over and I completed 3 of the projects, but I did not do the last 2 projects.  Life gets so full.  I need to focus!  Here we go.